Performance Management


If you have ever felt like you have hit a wall or plateau in your performance and no matter how much, often or how cleverly you train you just can’t seem to gain the improvement you are looking for it is worth considering that for muscles to perform at their very best, they need to be rested, relaxed and at their optimum length.

When they are tense, tight and shortened, they naturally resist against their opposing muscles. When this happens, muscular imbalance occurs and performance becomes affected.

For example:-

Running Triathlete

In running:

Tight hamstrings can lead to shortened stride-length - requiring greater effort and longer time to achieve your required distance


In cycling:

Tight ITB and quads can affect your cadence and may lead to knee problems over time – they can also become extremely painful!


In swimming:

Tight shoulder/rotator cuff and lat’ muscles restrict flexibility and can affect optimal swim strokes

It is no coincidence that top athletes enjoy regular sports therapy - its benefits are widely proven:


Ideal Frequency of Treatments

This depends on several factors such as:


For most competitive athletes a weekly treatment gives undeniable benefits. Other individuals may simply require a ‘maintenance session’ on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

If you have an injury or postural issues you may require a course of treatments – Nicki can discuss all this with you to ensure maximum benefit from your own treatment programme.

“I have had a weekly sports massage from Nicki at The Sports Therapy Co since 2008. As a triathlete and coach I, train 6 days a week up to 20 hours and it is therefore vital to keep my body in good condition. Nicki has helped keep me injury free, aided my recovery after events and heavy training sessions, and increased my mobility and flexibility. I highly recommend The Sports Therapy Co to all my athletes, clients and anyone who requires an excellent treatment.”

Jimmy George – GB Duathlete & Triathlon Coach, Tonbridge, Kent

"Having a regular sports massage with Nicki at The Sports Therapy Co was invaluable when I was training for this year’s London Marathon. Any muscular problems were alleviated before they started to affect my running performance. Nicki is very knowledgeable and gave me lots of good advice about stretches which would be helpful. Even when not training for a specific event I think sports massage is really beneficial to keep everything working smoothly."

Liz – Marathon Runner, Tunbridge Wells